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Scarab Beetle Bracelet

Authentic Egyptian design; a handmade stainless-steel Scarab Beetle bracelet with high-quality soapstone Scarab, crafted by Egyptian hands. 

It is a small beaded bracelet with a turquoise glazed scarab, beautifully made with fascinating delicate details.


With a stainless-steel clasp, it’s very comfortable to wear and to take off.

“Scarab” was a symbol of wealth and good luck in ancient Egypt. As a matter of fact, “scarab” was the most powerful amulet in ancient Egypt.

For that reason, it makes an excellent gift for anyone you wish to give a piece of good luck!


At sunrise, the scarab wakes up and begins to make balls of dung in the form of the sun. Which is the reason why the ancient Egyptians associated ‘scarab’ with the sun and considered it a symbol of the sun god ‘Ra.’


They believed that ‘scarab’ was a sacred being.

In Egyptian mythology, a scarab-headed god named ‘ Khepri ‘; comes from the ancient Egyptian word ‘kheper’ meaning “to become” or “to be transformed.” 

‘ Khepri ‘ was known for rolling the sun across the sky each day then dragging the sun to the edge of the horizon to death every night.


Subsequently, ‘Scarab’ had an essential part of the ancient Egyptian funeral rituals; scarab beetles, made of green colour, were placed on the dead’s chest before burial and were known as “scarabs of the heart.”


During the ancient Egyptian period, there were various scarabs; scarabs of the heart found in shrouds, marriage scarabs, winged scarabs, decorative scarabs, fortune scarabs, etc.


Ancient Egyptians received scarabs as honor medals. The smaller ones had the king’s name, followed by the gifted person’s title and role. While the larger scarab carries short news besides names, such as formal events such as royal weddings.


Without a doubt, the scarab was the most popular amulet in ancient Egypt. Therefore, the ancient Egyptians placed it next to their heart to give them powers. It was a symbol for good luck, rebirth, growth, and transformation.


Quality piece, a great addition to your accessories collection.

Our ‘Scarab Bracelet’ is simply perfect for anyone and looks stylish on any gender! 


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