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Red Jasper Gemstone

Red Jasper is an opaque and dense, deep red stone with with a glossy texture.
It is also known as ‘The Endurance Stone.’
It is ideal for stress relief.

It is relaxing and inspires you to think calmly.
In general, this stone gives you a feeling of comfort, reassurance, and stability and removes mental distraction.


Red Jasper Fascinating facts and benefits :

In Ancient Egypt, Red Jasper represented the fertilizing blood of Mother Isis. They wore them as protective amulets. 

Native Americans used to call the Red jasper stone ‘the blood of the earth’. They believed it could bring them rain and good luck.

Many cultures gave Red Jasper stone to warriors and soldiers. They thought it could evoke inner strength and provide them with endurance to overcome any difficult situation.

Red Jasper emotional and spiritual healing use:

  • Red Jasper triggers your emotions and passionate desire.
  • It helps you make decisions and choices for daily tasks.
  • This vibrant stone also increases dream memory and boosts sexual vitality.
  • Provides physical protection.
  • Red Jasper is said to boost emotional stamina, self-confidence, courage, balance, and relaxation.


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