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Red Agate Gemstone

Red Agate is known as the protection stone. It comes in numerous red shades with or without white and red streaks.

Agate consists of subsequent layers with different thicknesses, colours, and transparency.
If you want a restful sleep, or experience insomnia and bad dreams, try wearing a Red Agate stone before bed. Or if you are pregnant, consider getting this stone one. Red Agate’s energy can be very soothing for both you and the baby.


Red Agate fascinating facts and benefits:

The Greek philosopher Theophrastus named the Red Agate stone after the Achetes River in Sicily (where he found them).

Ancient Egyptians used red Agate as jewelry. Even in ancient India, it was popular as the Sulemani stone.

According to ancient myths, decorating houses with Agate stones protects the home from theft and looting. This also explains why the Pharaohs used them in the cemeteries.

This stone may also help you break away from your routine and look for new outlets, friends, or opportunities.

 But be careful; if you’re a spontaneous or perhaps bold character, this gem could get you into trouble!

Agate is the ideal gemstone for pregnant women and new mothers. It is very helpful in preventing postpartum depression and can also increase the breast milk supply.

Red Agate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing use:

  • Can treat stomach-ache and cramps.
  • Increase fertility.
  • Relieves Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).
  • Heals skin diseases and itching due to insect bites.
  • A cold Agate on your forehead can break a fever.
  • Wearing Red Agate helps improve the ability to learn, gain knowledge, and achieve success.
  • Improves blood circulation.

Red Agate overcomes negativity and resentment by healing anger and frustration. It is helpful for any trauma.

Red Agate energy can support you to think more logically, which may lead to better decisions. 

This amazing gem can boost your Confidence by helping with greater self-acceptance. 

Finally, It is the gem of love and new relationships. It heals your broken heart by opening it up and making space for new energies.


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