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Graphic Art Papyrus

Authentic Egyptian Papyrus; handmade in Egypt, a high-quality piece of art.

Features Egyptian designs; hand-painted by an Egyptian Artist.


Some of the art that our Egyptian Papyrus feature:


Egyptologists called it the key to life. It represents the two male and female elements which symbolized that a fruitful union is a gift from God.


The Cat Goddess of tenderness. A symbol of fertility, love, and compassion.

The Goddess Isis (Hathor) and Ma’at:

Ma’at and Isis were often connected because of their common characteristics.

Maat; the goddess of justice, laws, and the symbol of the system of the universe.

Isis; the Egyptians considered her a sacred mother, wife, and sister of Osiris, who ruled Egypt alongside him.

When ‘Osiris’ was killed, she used her magical powers to collect and revive his body parts buried across Egypt.


Tutankhamun was one of Egypt’s most famous Pharaohs – only at the age of nine!

Tutankhamun means in the ancient Egyptian language “the living image of the god Amun,” the great ancient Egyptian God.

Musicians of Amun

Portrays the “Beautiful Festival of the Valley” scene discovered on the walls of the tomb of Nakht; the famous astronomer and priest of Amun.

Art of the Royal Chariot of Ahmose

Ahmose being depicted as fighting back the Hyksos.

Tutankhamun pouring perfume oil onto the waiting hand of his queen Ankhesenamun.


Papyrus is the oldest writing paper in history, dating back to (3700-2000 BC), and was made by ancient Egyptians.

At first, they used it temples for religious purposes such as preparing the ‘Book of the Dead’.

Placed next to the dead, it included prayers to help the dead in the other world according to their beliefs. Later on, Egyptians used it for everyday purposes.

Back then, ancient Egyptians were interested in documenting everything related to their lives; traditions, arts, values, and anything about their agricultural and industrial activities on their Papyrus pages.

Similarly, Papyrus was also used to document ‘Hebrew’ literature, particularly in later periods when ‘Torah’ was written on Papyrus.

Papyrus had many other uses, such as making boats, ropes, mats, sandals, light furniture, a kind of popular food, and sealing dead bodies after the mummification process.

The ancient Egyptian also used dark papyrus flowers to make decorative leaves. Some believe that Moses’ mother used Papyrus to make the box in which she placed ‘Moses’ and threw it into the sea in submission to God’s will.

In fact, they believed that ships built from a papyrus plant protected them from crocodiles, based on Isis’s legend, who rode a papyrus boat and roamed the canals in search of the remains of her husband, the God ‘Ozer.’

To sum up, the papyrus plant was known in various parts of the world. However, historically, no other people knew Papyrus as ancient Egyptian knew it and valued it!


Do you want to hold a piece of history that existed 5000 years ago? With our 100% authentic hand-painted Egyptian papyrus, you can feel it!







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