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Dalmatian Jasper Gemstone

An opaque, white stone dotted with brown and black spots.

Dalmatian jasper usually comes with a white to beige or gray shade with dark spots that resemble the Dalmatian dog breed (that’s where the ‘Dalmatian’ name comes from).


Dalmatian Jasper fascinating facts and benefits :

Dalmatian Stone appeals to the child inside us, strengthens the spirit, and encourages a sense of fun. It has essential energy, supportive of family and loyalty. For instance, it has a calming effect on children and animals.

Many consider Dalmatian Jasper to be a stone of good luck and good fortune. It is also is a stone for people who want to add more fun to their lives. Consequently, this stone will push you to be more open to experiencing fun situations and finding happiness in the little things.

Dalmatian Jasper, emotional, and spiritual healing use:

  • Purify the blood and fight symptoms of depression.
  • Cleanse and energize your aura. It is the motivation stone!
  • Dalmatian Jasper will remind you that it is all right to step back from the hectic life and enjoy your journey!


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