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Bloodstone Gemstone

Bloodstone is the original birthstone of March. Also known as Heliotrope, it symbolizes “devotion”  in flowers’ language. Bloodstone is a dark green to almost black gemstone decorated with red, orange, or brown dots. Bloodstone can motivate you, increase creativity and positivity, and it will cheer you up if you feel down.


Bloodstone Fascinating facts and benefits:

This stone is semi-translucent to an opaque stone, making it hard for light to pass through it.

The name Bloodstone is due to the similarity of those red dots on its’ surface to blood.

 In the Middle Ages, people thought the red spots were the blood of Jesus and regarded it as supernatural powers.

Furthermore, the name Heliotrope comes from the word “Helios” (know as Sun, in Greek). In fact, Bloodstones were once thought to reflect the sun. 

Bloodstone and its’ physical, emotional, and spiritual healing use:

• Reducing symptoms of bone infections.

• Protect you from evil eye 👁‍🗨 (aka envy and negative energy).

• Determination and nobility.

• It can purify the blood and improve blood flow.

• Improve blood flow.

• Confidence.

• Grounding.



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