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Authentic Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks

Authentic Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks. Made in Egypt, with the Hieroglyphic alphabet written on the front side.
It is a unique item. It makes a perfect gift for someone who loves reading or a bookmarker
collector who wants to have special bookmarks.
Ideal if you would love to learn the Hieroglyphic alphabet!


The word “hieroglyph” comes from the Greek words “Hieros” and “Glophos,” meaning “sacred writing.”
Ancient Egyptians used the Hieroglyphic language to write on the walls of holy places such as
temples and tombs. They believed it’s a sacred language.
Hieroglyphic writing used about 700 symbols.
These symbols were literal descriptions (picture writing) of ideas; for example, if the Egyptians
wanted to express the idea of a woman, they would draw a picture of a woman.
When the ancient Egyptian thought to write his events, nature was the source of inspiration for them.
Therefore, these pictures are symbols of living creatures, parts of living creatures, or tools.
Back then, they used Hieroglyphic writing for decoration. At times, the symbols were painted in
beautiful colours or covered with gold.
When writing became more common, there was a need for a material better than stone.
As a result, the Egyptians invented papyrus; a paper-like material made from a papyrus plant.
Own a piece of history with our 100% Authentic Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks!


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