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Angelite Gemstone

Angelite varies in colour from sky blue to violet and translucent to opaque. It helps its’ owner communicate and receive messages from the sky above. It can also help to improve instinct and build inner strength.
Angelite has a peaceful and loving energy. It’s as if the stone oozes a pure, soothing beam of light.


Angelite fascinating facts and benefits :

Angelite is named after the blue Anhydrite found in Peru. Anhydrite is a soft calcium sulfate mineral. It does not form directly. But instead, is caused by water loss in the rock, creating the mineral Gypsum. The blue form of Anhydrite is called Angelite because of its divine blue colour.

Ancient Egyptians used Angelite stones to create small vases, sculptures, and pots. But in the middle ages, they grounded the stone in powder and used it as a dye.

Angelite physical, emotional, and spiritual healing use:

  • Helps you to connect with your angels and your divine power.
  • Good for the throat chakra – the centre of communication.
  • Can help with weight control.
  • Removes fear and anxiety.
  • Reduces stress, anger and overcomes emotional difficulties.

Placing an Angelite stone under your pillow is one method used to quickly contact an angels’ energy. This is said to be done by stimulating dreams and remembering them after waking. Ultimately, it can help you obtain hidden information and guides the soul in the right direction.



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