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Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet

High-Quality Egyptian Goddess Bastet statue. A decorative sculpture made with excellent little details.

Bastet, the Goddess of tenderness. A symbol of fertility, love, and compassion.

Sculpted stunningly with love as the Goddess should be. Feminine and delicate but strong and sturdy.

An elegant well-crafted gift for a person who loves cats and history.



Cats were very sacred to the ancient Egyptians. Even the idea of killing a cat was an unforgivable crime punishable by death.

In ancient Egypt, Bastet was considered a Goddess of tenderness and gentleness, as it was closely associated with women.

Bastet was a fertility idol in the form of a cat or a woman, with a cat or lioness head.

It symbolized fertility, passion, tenderness, and as the guardian of a pregnant woman.

Moreover, it embodied joy, dance, music, and festivals.

They also had qualities other than kindness, such as anger and predation.

Later on, it was connected with the predatory Goddess, Sekhmet; the lioness, reflecting the predatory side of Bastet when it gets angry.


Because of Cats, ancient Egyptians lost the war against Persians in 525 BC. Persians wrapped cats around their hands, which led to the defeat of the Egyptians for refusing to fight and defend themselves.

In fact, ancient Egyptians dealt strangely with the cat’s death. The entire family was in a state of mourning, and all the family members shaved their eyebrows in mourning.

If you’re looking to own a decorative piece in your home that has everyone talking, then the Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Statue is for you!


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